Friday, November 23, 2012

A Spirited conversation with Anna Peterson

Name: Anna Peterson
Age: 22
Nickname: Wolfy
Club: Melville
Born: Auckland
Reside: Hamilton
Other teams: White Ferns, NZ Emerging and Bay of Plenty
Occupation: Cricket administration/Boss
Playing role: Batting and a bit of spin
Batting style: RH Top order
Bowling style: RH Off-spin
Twitter handle: @AnnaPeterson06 

What was you first cricket experience?
Dad made me and my brother, when we were about two and three, our first ever cricket bats - Alex (my brother) got a Batman sticker on his, and I got Donald Duck.

Batter, batsman or batswoman?
Batter or batsman, batswomen sounds so 1920s.

Who was your cricket idol/hero growing up?
I had a huge crush on Jeff Wilson, I even had his All Blacks action figure but then as I grew up I really enjoyed watching Nathan Astle, and then Mike Hussey - two awesome batters.

What advice would you have for a young girl wanting to give cricket a go?
In the words of Nike, just do it. Don’t be shy, give cricket a go and you’ll be hooked.

How difficult is it to find a balance between cricket commitments and holding down a “real” job?
Ha! My “real” job is cricket so I’m really lucky, they’re happy for me to disappear for an hour during the day for a hit, or a couple of weeks for a tour.

Which provincial ground/association has the best catering? Any specialities?
The chef at Cobham is amazing! Soy chicken kebabs and lemon fish – kudos.

Who is your playing equivalent in the men’s domestic game (past or present)?
In the NZ domestic competition I’d like to think I’m similar to a Kane Williamson or BJ Watling, but when it comes to T20 I tend to take on a Chris Gayle persona and just use the “stand and deliver” approach.

Which opponent would you consider your most difficult opponent to play against?
Canterbury, they have annoyingly accurate bowlers.

Who is the most interesting person you follow on Twitter?
Jason Gunn is definitely the funniest - @jasegunn.

Did you play in boy’s teams as a youngster? When did you move into girl’s/women’s sides?
Yes, all my club cricket was, and is still, played in boy’s and men’s’ teams - all my rep cricket’s been in female teams.

What’s your best/funniest cricketing story?
A moment that still makes me laugh out loud is when I was in the ND Secondary Girls’ team playing Auckland at Melville Park. Natalie Dodd was running drinks out when she ran down the bank then attempted to jump down the two steps, but missed one and face planted! Gotta give her credit, as we were crying with laughter, obviously not worried if she was hurt or not, she got straight up and kept sprinting to the middle, not a drop spilt.

What’s one thing about you that most people wouldn’t know (or would find surprising)?
I can recite the entire script of the Lion King off by heart.

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