Friday, November 23, 2012

A Spirited conversation with Natalie Dodd

Name: Natalie Dodd
Age: 19
Nickname: Doddy
Club: Melville
Born: Hamilton
Reside: Te Kowhai, Hamilton
Other teams: NZ Emerging
Occupation: Student
Playing role: Batter, wicketkeeper
Batting style: RH opening bat
Bowling style: RH off spin

What was you first cricket experience?
Playing backyard with Dad.

Batter, batsman or batswoman?
Batsman - I like the idea of batswomen but it sounds weird.

Who was your cricket idol/hero growing up?
Nathan Astle - after watching his world record 222 against England.

Nicola Browne - because she has long arms and because she was playing for New Zealand, which is something I always wanted to do.

What advice would you have for a young girl wanting to give cricket a go?
Work hard and play because you love it. 

How difficult is it to find a balance between cricket commitments and holding down a “real” job?
I wouldn’t know, I’ve never had a real job but it has been difficult at times while studying!

Which provincial ground/association has the best catering? Any specialities?
Cobham oval-food is AMAZING!  Had the most amazing BBQ meal there - they can really cook a steak.  Have to bat first on that ground so I can have a big lunch!

Who is your playing equivalent in the men’s domestic game (past or present)?
BJ Watling

Which opponent would you consider your most difficult opponent to play against?
Australia, because they are always in the game no matter what position they are in.

Did you play in boy’s teams as a youngster? When did you move into girl’s/women’s sides?
Not until Year 9 - I played in a girl’s team that was entered into a boy’s competition.

What’s your best/funniest cricketing story?
Going to run the drinks out at Melville Park and sprinting down the hill (as I was being timed), I jumped off the steps forgetting that there were two steps instead of one. I had to fling myself forwards head first through the air to clear the step, and survive…  I landed flat on my stomach on the ground with both drinks still in hand, which everyone saw!!

What’s one thing about you that most people wouldn’t know (or would find surprising)?
I can do a Donald Duck voice.

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