There are plenty of differing opinions on cricket - that's what makes our great game so special. There's only so much of my rambling people can take, so I'm inviting a few of my mates to pen guest posts.

If you like their work, let me know via Twitter @aotearoaxi or post a comment on their article -  I'll get them back.

The Buddha's Bride
Mother of two, wife of one (some days I feel like a mother of three). Am a terrible housekeeper, but have recently developed a new passion for cooking and baking and fortunately hubby likes to eat what I cook so I can get away with an untidy house. For some reason I quite fancy Jesse Ryder, although sadly that sort of crush puts me at risk of being labelled a 'cougar'. One of my greatest regrets is that I never met hubby when he was playing cricket; I wish more than anything that I had seen him play. My hopes/dreams for the future: a) having a dishwasher and one of those flash cake mixers b) spending our afternoons and weekends carting our kids to their various sporting activities and c) taking hubby on a cricketing tour of the West Indies.

Twitter: @lemayol

I’m not sure any bio I pen could quite do my German mate justice, so here’s a snapshot in her own words...

...female; addicted to cricket, cover drives and ‘80s music, a little too fond of Kane Williamson, a little too cynical, and a little too vocal on Twitter. Supports Northern Districts and Somerset CC fervently, and cares about the Black Caps way too much. Loves a good cuppa and a good rant. Follows Aussie Rules as well as rugby union and league, supporting Collingwood, Northampton and the Sharks, New South Wales and the Roosters. Heavily dependent on a steady internet connection and saintly streamers everywhere. Checks the Black Caps' fixtures list before making a dentist's appointment. Has been described as an honorary Kiwi and a genius - the truth probably lies somewhere in between.

Maiken Kruger
Twitter: @princessmaiken
Favourite team: Proteas

Maiken is a proud South African who calls New Zealand home. In her own words, she lives for cricket, rugby, mixed martial arts, music, cooking, baking, travelling and adventure!