Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fixing what's broken..?

In the past two days I have taken a close interest in the views of those I follow via various social media channels in respect of fixing in cricket. Many, whilst saddened, believe that recent revelations are a step forward - a clear opportunity to begin to purge our once great game of those who use it as their personal play thing, a sporting stock exchange rife with insider trading.

However, others assert that spot fixing is a victimless crime, should be excused if the protagonists suffer from mental illness or if those involved are not well remunerated for their core role as a cricketer. Many of them previously complained loudly of the corruption and mismanagement within the ICC, the BCCI and the ascension of the "big three" - are these instances that far removed from fixing?

Victimless? What of team mates and associations who miss out on the chance for victory or prize money, fans who become disillusioned with their sport - nay passion, or those who legally ply their trade betting on sport?

I am loathe to even acknowledge the mental illness defence. Yes, it clouds one's judgement - the highs often higher and the lows subterranean. Yet have crickets many and varied stars who are often attacked by the vicious black dog given in en masse to the "temptations" of the fix? For those who believe mental illness is a worthy excuse, does it also rationalise the actions of corrupt officials, financial fraudsters and common thieves?

I understand the resentment many have at the seemingly inadequate remuneration of their profession, chosen or otherwise. But in does not, and never should, excuse defrauding that profession for personal gain.

I once adored our great game, not a pastime or a hobby, more an obsession. The last two days have drawn me further away - cricket is becoming more background noise than the lead singer belting out his requiem front and centre.

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  1. I share your pain. It is heartbreaking to see such a noble sport as cricket being held to ransom by crooks and fixers, whilst the ICC seems powerless to do anything.


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